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10 Questions to Test Your Book Idea

Writing a book is a challenge, and selecting the right book idea is the first issue you need to deal with. To test how "right" your book idea is, here are ten questions you need to answer before you begin your bookwriting project.
1. Why are you writing this book? In other words, what do you hope to achieve?
2. What is your book about? Before you go any further, it's a question you must answer - and be able to do it in one or two sentences.
3. How are you qualified to write this book? This is actually your bio as it pertains to your book's subject. The answer to this question will demonstrate your knowledge, experience and expertise.
4. Why is this an appropriate and timely topic? What is the big picture? The content? The political or social environment? And why this book, now?
5. Who is your ideal reader? Describe this person demographically and by interests. What do you know about him or her?
6. How will your readers benefit? Why should they read your book? What will they learn or what problem will it solve for them?
7. How will you reach your ideal readers? What do they read and do? Where are likely to buy your book? A bookstore? A grocery store? From your website?
8. How big is the market? How many potential readers are there? And where are they?
9. What else is out there on this subject? How is your book unique/special/important? How do the competition's books compare to yours.
10. How will you help to promote your book? This is an extremely important question if you are seeking a book publisher. Delineate specific plans. You'll need a plan that allows publishers to assess your willingness and cooperation in promoting your book.