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Fate of Eternity

Just started in the contest on NaNoWriMo for July. My goal is 50,000 words in 30 days. In 2 days I've written 4,700 words. Book title "Fate of Eternity" Looking pleased!

Sharokina The Dreamer

Dream Quests | Sharokina the Dreamer             At Dreams Quests , we believe in producing great books, one book at a time. Never underestimate the power of a good book. We offer our best stories in Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Thillers! Discover your next great book! Preview of Sharokina the Dreamer Morality and mercy are easy concepts to follow when there are no risks involved. But it will always come a day where it's not easy, when a person must choose; to die honorably like a hero, or to do the unthinkable and survive. So tell me this. Stranded and all alone in a cruel land inhabited by men that despise mercy and compassion, what will you choose. To die? Or to live? The breeze that came through the tent opening made Sharokina’s silky, long, blonde hair blow around frantically. The wind whistled all around the camp, and she stood with her eyes closed. Feeling the way it caressed her cheeks, the way it swirle

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