Monkey Fist Various Uses

Monkey Fist Impact Tools Weapons? Read On and Decide for Yourself. I was up in a mountainous state reserve park during a severe ice storm in pitch blackness because power lines were down and local cellular towers were offline. A little way from me an elderly person's vehicle went sliding off the road into a ditch and the driver was slumped over the wheel with the engine running and the doors locked. Other than deep snow and ice, there were no visible rocks or heavy objects to be had. That is when you need what I keep as a rescue device - a monkey fist with a 2" diameter cue ball very similar to the one Tim has posted in his video on YouTube. One good arm swing and the tempered glass window disintegrated providing instant access and enabling first aid. In addition to monkey fist impact tools serving as rescue devices, they can also be outdoor life savers. Whether you climb rocks or trees or other structures, tossing your monkey fist at the end of a 2ft long paracord lanyard can lodge the fist between a crack in rocks or a pocket in a tree or between metal interfaces on a ladder thereby keeping a person from taking a perilous plunge. Impact tool can also be great to pulverize ice that your wheels are stuck on during the winter. And if you ever need to get into a burning building, a monkey fist will take out a giant glass window more easily than an axe. And there are a multitude of situations in real life where you need cord to help you out of a jam - clothes line, fishing line, automobile load tie-downs, package ties, emergency suspension, ..... A monkey fist with 11 passes of paracord and 2" of paracord lanyard can give you about 50ft of Paracord 550 which can be disaggregated into 50 x 7 = 350ft of single paracord strands that can support 50-100 lbs each. Oh, if you are left with a beautiful chrome plated steel ball in the core, you can use it as a certified baoding ball to strengthen your hands and help meditate yourself out of your predicament. The list of uses of MF Impact tools can go on and on. It is not clear to me why some states or countries classify these devices as unlawful weapons while they allow people to stroll down main street carrying firearms, hunting knives, clawed hammers, 12" scissors, razors and more. But like other intimidating devices, if you keep you mF impact tools in your backpack or trunk, or other location where they are not visible and you clearly do not have any intent on wielding them around with malintent, then you are not likely to get into any trouble. Here is a link to The Weaver of Eternity Paracord for Tim's SIMPLE Bane Monkey Fist tutorial...
Please be aware of your local laws regarding making, owning, and/or carrying objects such as this impact tool.


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