How to Make Paracord Keychains

DIY Paracord Keychain Ideas with Instructions

Parachute Cord popularly known as paracord is crafter’s favorite paracord project these days. Explore with a variety of paracord ideas for paracord projects which are handmade and a cool style statement for preppers and campers!

Learn how to make amazing Paracord Keyhains with step-by-step instructions in the tutorials given below! You can be creative and design wonderful keyfobs to hook on your belts or bags!

Paracord Basic Project Requirements




Measuring Tape



Lashing Needle


Paracord Heart Keychain Instructions

This tutorial teaches you how to make a Celtic heart knot keychain. It is a quick easy to make design and very cute to carry your keys. An ideal gift for Valentine’s Day!

Step 1: To Fashion the Heart, Fold the Cord Over Itself to Create a Small Loop.

Step 2: Take the Right Working Cord End Down Through the Loop, As Shown.

Step 3: Bring the Working End Back to Go Upwards Through the Upper Loop and Then Down Through the Lower Loop, As Shown.

Step 4: Take the Working Cord Down Through the Bottom Loop (marked With Number 1). Next, Thread the End Up Through the Center Loop (marked With Number 2) and Back Down Through the Top Loop (marked With Number 3).

Step 5: Now Shape the Knot and Your Done.

Next blog post featuring a Star Fob Tutorial

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