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Riders on the Storm

Intoxcy8me is a Texan urban Science Fiction & Fantasy author! Intoxcy8me ®  © Shadow Saga Series: Shadow Riders Click on Prologue ↓ to start reading! ↓ Prologue Prologue The sky was burning. No, not burning, glowing red from the sun's ray, like the blood of a fresh cut on ones finger. A storm was brewing but not of this reality, devouring the universe. You could see silent lightning strobes in the distance. Hunter turned towards it and the rain plastered him in the face, he winced at the sight. Hesitation lingered in the black air. Hunter pulls his storm coat over his head as he leaves the tent, partly to fend off the rain, and partly to cover his weapons. The edge of the skyline flicks on and off with the unnerving lightning strikes, far away, like a malfunctioning lamp filament that refuses to stay lit. Men have gathered around the cook tents, waiting for their food, hunkered down wit

Climbing Knots

Warning: Climbing is a dangerous sport. This is an instruction article about rock climbing, a sport that is inherently dangerous. Do not depend solely on information from this book for your personal safety. Your climbing safety depends on your own judgment based on competent instruction, experience, and a realistic assessment of your climbing ability. More so than any other tool in the climber’s repertoire, the rope is the tool that should be thoroughly understood and deployed in a way that makes a gesture to all other climbers and users: this rope says who I am, how I am doing, and how much I know. The goal of this text is to deepen a climber’s understanding of the use of the climbing rope. Beginners may find this text helpful because the usage of the rope can be learned and practiced. When learning to tie knots and hitches, it is important to practice in a safe learning environment, like a ground school. It’s also important to learn to tie knots and

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