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Riders on the Storm

Intoxcy8me is a Texan urban Science Fiction & Fantasy author! Intoxcy8me ®  © Shadow Saga Series: Shadow Riders Click on Prologue ↓ to start reading! ↓ Prologue Prologue The sky was burning. No, not burning, glowing red from the sun's ray, like the blood of a fresh cut on ones finger. A storm was brewing but not of this reality, devouring the universe. You could see silent lightning strobes in the distance. Hunter turned towards it and the rain plastered him in the face, he winced at the sight. Hesitation lingered in the black air. Hunter pulls his storm coat over his head as he leaves the tent, partly to fend off the rain, and partly to cover his weapons. The edge of the skyline flicks on and off with the unnerving lightning strikes, far away, like a malfunctioning lamp filament that refuses to stay lit. Men have gathered around the cook tents, waiting for their food, hunkered down wit

Riders on the Storm

The low thick cloulds looked dark and ominous, as if they contained something ancient and evil inside. I sensed there was a driving force or energy within them. You definitely knew if the worst of the coming rain was on it's way toward the city after exploring the cloulds. A little windy at times, and for the first time in his life, Hunter was afraid. Afraid of the creatures that lurked in the clouds above him. His memories only go as far back to his days slaying evil beasts in the dark pits of a brutal international underworld. Can you forgive yourself for your past, or are you forever damned? He'd done his part during the Shadow Wars to help defeat the deadliest evil threat to face mankind in modern history. The invasion of America has begun and the Shadow Lord's soldiers are willing to tear the country apart to find him. ~The Premenation~ Dark clouds had hidden the full moon as it was beginning to rise. The storm was growing, but I barely noticed it as I st

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