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Sharokina The Dreamer

Dream Quests | Sharokina the Dreamer             At Dreams Quests , we believe in producing great books, one book at a time. Never underestimate the power of a good book. We offer our best stories in Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Thillers! Discover your next great book! Preview of Sharokina the Dreamer Morality and mercy are easy concepts to follow when there are no risks involved. But it will always come a day where it's not easy, when a person must choose; to die honorably like a hero, or to do the unthinkable and survive. So tell me this. Stranded and all alone in a cruel land inhabited by men that despise mercy and compassion, what will you choose. To die? Or to live? The breeze that came through the tent opening made Sharokina’s silky, long, blonde hair blow around frantically. The wind whistled all around the camp, and she stood with her eyes closed. Feeling the way it caressed her cheeks, the way it swirle

Riders on the Storm

The low thick cloulds looked dark and ominous, as if they contained something ancient and evil inside. I sensed there was a driving force or energy within them. You definitely knew if the worst of the coming rain was on it's way toward the city after exploring the cloulds. A little windy at times, and for the first time in his life, Hunter was afraid. Afraid of the creatures that lurked in the clouds above him. His memories only go as far back to his days slaying evil beasts in the dark pits of a brutal international underworld. Can you forgive yourself for your past, or are you forever damned? He'd done his part during the Shadow Wars to help defeat the deadliest evil threat to face mankind in modern history. The invasion of America has begun and the Shadow Lord's soldiers are willing to tear the country apart to find him. ~The Premenation~ Dark clouds had hidden the full moon as it was beginning to rise. The storm was growing, but I barely noticed it as I st

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