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My Favorite Knot

Sinnets—what exactly are they? Sinnets, similarly, are somewhere between braids and plaits. A sinnet is a woven structure, frequently having several cords or strands, and usually adaptable to incorporating several colors and patterns. Sinnet is variously defined elsewhere as braided cord, plaited cord, or simply cords woven over and under each other. What seems important to me to understand is that sinnet is woven by making alternating passes of one cord (or several cords as part of a bundle) over and under the remaining cords in the bundle to form a flat, round, or other-shaped cross-section rope or long piece of ropework that is decorative, especially if made with several colors. A sinnet is therefore a structure that lends itself to multiple strands being woven together into multiple patterns and shapes, with a relatively simple repetitive activity of over and under. As with all seemingly simple pieces however, there are cautions. It can be easy to “drop a stitch” in making multipl

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