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Celtic Bar

This variation of snake weave is more like four-strand plaiting than knotting, and it creates a most attractive braid pattern that can be embellished with beads. 1 Fold the cord ends over in opposite directions with the right-hand cord crossed over the left to form a long loop with the two tails out at either side at least 5cm (2in) longer than the loop. Bring the ends of the loop down to make an inverted V-shape. 2 Bring the top right cord end down over the right-hand long loop and lay out parallel to the left loop. Bring the top left cord behind the left-hand, lay out parallel to the left loop. Bring the top left cord behind the left-hand long loop and then cross the left cord over the right as shown. 3 Bring the long loops down, right-hand in front and left-hand behind the single cords and cross the left-hand long loop over the right. 4 Repeat with the single cord, right-hand on top of doubled cords and left-hand behind, then cross the left-hand single cord over the right-ha

Tricks to Learn How to Tie Turks Head Knots.

Practice the knots you know by using them as much as possible. The more you use them the more likely you will use them. This will also help you find the ones you prefer for different situations. Setting up tents or shelters. Tying down a load in a truck bed. Securing a boat to a dock or post. Games or tricks using knots. Making decorative items to use. TURK’S HEAD KNOTS The Turk’s Head Knot is what truly embodies a decorative knot for many people, and—oh, what magic that term “Turk’s Head Knot” evokes! The would-be knot-tyer wants to know its mysteries, the novice wants to practice it once again just to solidify their new knowledge, the practiced knot-tyer wants to know how to expand a Turk’s Head, and there are those who profess to be able to tie any Turk’s Head Knot in any fiber all done in hand! The dreams and wonders that this knot tells! One could easily fill a book or several books on the subject but we have limited ourselves to just this article. With that in mind, I am

Reasons for Learning Paracord Knots

KNOT TYING IS A PURSUIT... That can change from intimidating to entertaining with just a little effort. Learning to tie knots can be considered a skill in itself, so much information and many tips are provided to help you. If you have encountered stumbling blocks in the past when trying to learn knots, you will find helpful hints to overcome them on the internet and YouTube. Knotting will help you in endeavors you already enjoy. If you’re an avid camper, you’ll find setting up camp a lot easier once you have knotting skills. It will also help you get involved in new activities. If you’ve never tried boating, learning knots will take you a step closer to this activity. Knotting is a useful skill in many crafts. Tying cordage properly will make you look competent. You will be able to manage ropes of different sizes and materials. You will learn how to tie safer knots that won’t untie under duress. You’ll react better if you need to tie a knot in an emergency.

Introduction to Paracord

The Basics Do you like the content I produce? If so, please consider leaving a comment below. Much appreciated! This is the first in a series of blog posts designed to be an intro to my Simple Paracord playlist ( During this series you can learn the basics of working with paracord, some uses for the cord, a few simple knots and some easy to master weaves. If you have any questions please just ask in the comments - I'm always happy to help! Thanks for reading and watching - Intoxcy8me. What is the purpose of paracord? The strength of this compact cord gets the 550 term from its ability to withstand 550 lbs. of weight. Paracord is used in survival situations, emergency situations, self defense, and every day uses. This type of cord has been utilized by NASA, the military, and normal folks-alike. What are the different paracord braids? Introduction: Paracord Weaves There are many different Paracord Bracelet Patterns, here are some of the most popu

Monkey Fist Various Uses

Monkey Fist Impact Tools Weapons? Read On and Decide for Yourself. I was up in a mountainous state reserve park during a severe ice storm in pitch blackness because power lines were down and local cellular towers were offline. A little way from me an elderly person's vehicle went sliding off the road into a ditch and the driver was slumped over the wheel with the engine running and the doors locked. Other than deep snow and ice, there were no visible rocks or heavy objects to be had. That is when you need what I keep as a rescue device - a monkey fist with a 2" diameter cue ball very similar to the one Tim has posted in his video on YouTube. One good arm swing and the tempered glass window disintegrated providing instant access and enabling first aid. In addition to monkey fist impact tools serving as rescue devices, they can also be outdoor life savers. Whether you climb rocks or trees or other structures, tossing your monkey fist at the end of a 2ft long paracord lanyar

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