Celtic Bar

This variation of snake weave is more like four-strand plaiting than knotting, and it creates a most attractive braid pattern that can be embellished with beads.
1 Fold the cord ends over in opposite directions with the right-hand cord crossed over the left to form a long loop with the two tails out at either side at least 5cm (2in) longer than the loop. Bring the ends of the loop down to make an inverted V-shape.
2 Bring the top right cord end down over the right-hand long loop and lay out parallel to the left loop. Bring the top left cord behind the left-hand, lay out parallel to the left loop. Bring the top left cord behind the left-hand long loop and then cross the left cord over the right as shown.
3 Bring the long loops down, right-hand in front and left-hand behind the single cords and cross the left-hand long loop over the right.
4 Repeat with the single cord, right-hand on top of doubled cords and left-hand behind, then cross the left-hand single cord over the right-hand single cord. Repeat from step 3 until there are only short loops at the bottom.
5 Cross the loops left over right then tuck the right-hand cord into the front of the right loop and the left-hand cord into the back of the left loop to finish.


For an attractive beaded braid, replace the two single cords with a fine Superlon™ or Chinese knotting cord and then string size 8 seed beads on each end. Weave the cords together as a Celtic bar braid, positioning a bead in the centre as the left-hand single cord crosses over the right.


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