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Two Color Paracord Solomon Bar

The Two Color Paracord Solomon Bar is the same knot used in making the Survival Bracelet. We are just going to add a little different twist to the popular bracelet. We will make it with two colors. Step 1: Layout Start with your two colors of paracord, lay them out as shown. One color on the left and the second color on the right. Step 2: Begin Your Knot Take your left cord, make a loop with the running or working end of the paracord, going in front of the knot. Take your right cord, loop around the the left cord running or working end, go behind the knot and through the loop of the left cord. *** you can start the knot on a buckle or key ring if you want to, I am just showing how the two colors will look... *** Step 3: Pull Tight Once you pull the knot tight you should start to see the familiar knot pattern of the Survival Bracelet. Step 4: Continue Tying the Knots Continue tying the knots Step 5: After a Few More Knots By now you can see the Solomon Bar forming... In the example y

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