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THAW Method for 5 Bight 4 Lead Turk’s Head Knot

A simple example of THAW method.

Turks Head Patterns Easy to Tie

Quick start patterns – finding Turk’s Head patterns that are easy to tie. Turk’s Head knots that start with as many overs as possible are quicker to tie. If you are tying in something like jig or willow this becomes especially important.

Tricks to Learn How to Tie Turks Head Knots.

Practice the knots you know by using them as much as possible. The more you use them the more likely you will use them. This will also help you find the ones you prefer for different situations. Setting up tents or shelters. Tying down a load in a truck bed. Securing a boat to a dock or post. Games or tricks using knots. Making decorative items to use. TURK’S HEAD KNOTS The Turk’s Head Knot is what truly embodies a decorative knot for many people, and—oh, what magic that term “Turk’s Head Knot” evokes! The would-be knot-tyer wants to know its mysteries, the novice wants to practice it once again just to solidify their new knowledge, the practiced knot-tyer wants to know how to expand a Turk’s Head, and there are those who profess to be able to tie any Turk’s Head Knot in any fiber all done in hand! The dreams and wonders that this knot tells! One could easily fill a book or several books on the subject but we have limited ourselves to just this article. With that in mind, I am

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