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The Best Paracord Braids & Weaves Every Prepper Should Know

Basic Cobra Style If you’re in a survival situation, you can use paracords to make bows, set snare nooses and triggers, go fishing and help set up a campsite. If you’re a prepper, you can keep a paracord pouch and paracord survival straps with you for any emergency situations that may require pressure or holding something in place. Why should you have a paracord bracelet and know how to tie a paracord knot? They’re lightweight, easy to carry, simple yet incredibly diverse and way more useful than your average necklace or bracelet. You can craft a custom paracord bracelet or keychain using a variety of paracord knots, paracord braids and paracord weaves with just a few inexpensive materials. Whether you’re a prepper, an outdoor enthusiast or a crafter, there are hundreds of beneficial paracord uses to choose from. What is Paracord?   Paracord is short for “parachute cord”. As the name suggests, paracords were originally created to be used for the suspension lines of parachutes, notably

How to Make Your Own Paracord Jig

Are you a lover of paracord bracelets? And you are always not satisfied with the style and price of the paracord bracelets you see in stores? Well, with the help of a paracord jig, you can make your own just how you want it. In this article, we have put together this tutorial for a paracord jig project that you can DIY easily. The making process is pretty much basic and easy to follow. With that said, let’s start with the first step: planning a paracord bracelet jig. Planning our jig There are a few aspects worth considering when making a jig. Since it is made by you, you can customize just about everything, from the wood used, to the very functionality of the jig. If we focus on making a basic design, there are two aspects of the jig that we should consider: the width the length Width The wider the jig, the more different buckle sizes you can mount on it. This means that generally, a wider jig will have more buckle types you can use. A smart way to get around the width res

Brainstorming Ideas for Bracelet Designs

Brainstorming is a great way to come up with creative ideas for any poster or project especially when you are in a pinch. Follow some of these fun brainstorming tips and let the creative poster ideas come pouring out of you! Write it down! Just the simple act of writing down all your thoughts and ideas about a topic can be inspiring when you see one idea, it can make you think of many more! Wear Different Hats! Think of your project topic from various perspectives that of a child, an adult, a scientist, a politician, etc., whatever new perspective brings fresh ideas to your topic. Make a Web! Draw a huge spider web on a large piece of paper with your bracelet topic in the middle. Then write all the ways you can think of associated with your weave topic all through the web. Later you can arrange these words into related themes and use them to come up with a great idea or a focus area for your design. Ask Questions! Think about your bracelet topic using the tr

Monkey Fist Various Uses

Monkey Fist Impact Tools Weapons? Read On and Decide for Yourself. I was up in a mountainous state reserve park during a severe ice storm in pitch blackness because power lines were down and local cellular towers were offline. A little way from me an elderly person's vehicle went sliding off the road into a ditch and the driver was slumped over the wheel with the engine running and the doors locked. Other than deep snow and ice, there were no visible rocks or heavy objects to be had. That is when you need what I keep as a rescue device - a monkey fist with a 2" diameter cue ball very similar to the one Tim has posted in his video on YouTube. One good arm swing and the tempered glass window disintegrated providing instant access and enabling first aid. In addition to monkey fist impact tools serving as rescue devices, they can also be outdoor life savers. Whether you climb rocks or trees or other structures, tossing your monkey fist at the end of a 2ft long paracord lanyar

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