Sometimes knots are not so much tied as woven or plaited, and the snake weave is a good example of this. Starting with a box knot, it becomes a woven braid resembling Celtic designs based on intertwining snakes.
1 Begin with a box knot: make a loop in the middle of the cord so that the right-hand cord is on the top. Bring the right-hand cord up behind the loop.
2 Weave the left-hand cord over, under and over the looped cord to come out at the right-hand side. Rotate so that the cord tails are facing down.
3 Holding the knot at the cross point at the top, pull the bottom loop down to the required length of the snake weave panel. Pull the cord ends out to the side to firm up the knot at the top.
4 Twist the bottom loop so that the left side is over the right. Take the right-hand cord over the front of the loop.
5 Weave the left cord under, over and under the long loop to come out at the right-hand side.
6 Repeat from step 4 until you are close to the bottom of the loop. Adjust the knot to firm up the weave then twist the loop one last time.
7 As shown in step 6, bring the left-hand cord across under the loop again and weave the right-hand cord over, under and over to make a firm woven panel.


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