Paracord Cobra Weave Ring

Cobra Weave Paracord Ring



Steps to Weave the Cobra Ring

Step 1:
Begin by cutting a lengthwise slot along the pvc, conduct, or tubing. I got a used piece of pvc coupling from a plumber friend of mine. I also used different sizes for ring measurements.
Step 2
I used 36 inches of the braided line, but could use any type line. For example gutted paracord line, or #95 paracord in any color. The line is weave around the jig. The jig is made from any size pvc, conduct, or metal pipe, cut to a 2 inch length with a 1/4" slot cut down the length of it. The ring is tied around the jig in a cobra weave style. You can cut the slot in the jig using whatever is convenient, I used a table saw, if you buy a coupling from Home Depot have them cut the slot for you.

Follow steps in the images:

Step 3:
After clove hitch I take the right strand and loop over top and around the right side of the jig. Then bring in back of the other hanging strand, looping it over the left side of the jig. Now take the left hanging strand and pass it through the inside of the left side of the jig all the way through it to other side. Pull both strands until slack is out. Take the right looped strand o/ the jig and pull both ends until it gets tight. Now you tighten the knot until it is set. Repeating the same each time. As you move the knots on the ring you have to slide the weave upwards as they are formed. You keep repeating until you reach the end where you started the 1rst weave, then remove from jig, cut ends o/ and burn then the ring is 1nished. Sorry this is my 1rst time doing an instructable, but will upload a tutorial on YouTube to help explain better. look for it on my channel soon.


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