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While my passion dictates there can never be too many knots, sometimes for aesthetic purposes, less is more. You will need to decide. I would advise a tentative application at first, until you see what the effect is, so that you can determine how much you want to see and embellish this object of your desire. Experiment with color, thickness, type, mixture, texture, and form until you are more familiar with the base on which you are working or the stand-alone object you create. From this you may then determine (or perhaps you knew all along!) what would be most suited to your task, so that you can feel confident in creating your own masterpiece. Decorative knotting is my unbridled passion—I cannot get enough of decorative knots! Along the way, I learned several techniques when I had no idea what this passion might involve. I have found new and exciting tools to use. I have come across cords and twines in the most unusual places, and a visit to a museum usually involves me traipsing off

How to Make any Awareness/Support Ribbon

Chart of Cancer Awareness Colors from Choose Hope Introduction: How to Make an Awareness/Support Ribbon Square knotting makes an ideal base for a ribbon. I started with two 5' lengths of 325 Paracord. You will also need a metal split ring. Step 1: About 7" from the bottom start the square knotting around the two cord core.   Step 2: Make 3 square knots. This will form one tab end of the ribbon. You can make more or fewer knots to vary the length of the tab end. Step 3: Now make a square knot (two steps) but do NOT include the right hand cord of the core you are tying around. Step 4: Begin tying again. The reverse side of the ribbon should show the cord you did not tie around.

Crafting with Paracord

CREATIVE PROJECTS USING PARACORD Since paracord is so versatile, anyone can have the chance to try and make something for their loved ones. Just a few items I have done with paracord.   Heart Key Fob Materials: 6 feet of 425 paracord Heart shaped split ring Round split ring Beads optional {Cost for this project starts at $3.50} Step 1: Fold your paracord in half. Insert the center of the cord down through the heart split ring. If you are using beads, thread one on the right cord now. Step 2: Insert both sides of the cord down through the loop in the center of the cord and pull tight. Position at the bottom left side of the heart ring. Step 3: With the right cord, insert the end down through the heart and bring it up through the loop it created. Pull tight. Repeat the process until both ends return to top of ring, locking it in. Step 4: Bring the same end up through the heart and down through the loop it created. Pull tight. Bring the working ends down through the center of the cor

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